On a serious site as Autosoviet, there is also space for the fun! This huge collection of games is a tribute to the Trabant (indeed, it seems a toy quite than a car...), and to the old, romantic MS-DOS games of the years '70/'80s. I realized these games (but it's better to say "modified"...) in Javascript. To play them, you need at least MS Explorer 4+; the best view is with a resolution of 800x600, but they works also with other resolutions. Have fun! NOTE: If you have translated this page with the automatic translator, return to the English version to play the games. 



CHECKPOINT TRABI -  Help the Trabant to exit from East Berlin, and...beware of the Russian soldiers!! Soundtrack: "007" Classic Theme
TRABANT WALL - Modified version of the "Breakout" game. Destroy the Berlin's wall with your Trabant, using the mouse! Soundtrack: "The Wall" - Pink Floyd
TRABANT WALL 2 - Another version of "Breakout", simpler but also faster than the previous. There is also a petulant talking-Trabant...  Soundtrack: ska music!
PAC-TRABANT - Funny and tricky version of the classic Pac-Man! Soundtrack: "Pink Panther" theme
TRABI KONG - Another great classic, with an amazing animation for a Javascript game! King Kong has stolen a Trabant, and he want to use it for his personal fun. Help the little Eastern-German workman to save his car! Soundtrack: "Mission Impossible" theme
TRABANTS AND PENGUINS! - Renewed version of another old game of the '80s. Guide the penguin and smash ice blocks and parked Trabants aganist the snowbees! Soundtrack: ska music!   
TRABANT FROG -  A new version of the famous game of the frog. Help the frog Hans to run away from the East Germany: avoid the Russian soldiers, the crocodiles and...the Trabants! - Soundtrack:  "Pulp Fiction" Theme
TRABI PINBALL -  Very good pinball game, realized in Java (not Javascript): you must download the Zip file, extract all the zipped files in a new folder, then open the "PLAYPINBALL.HTM" file. NOTE: press "NO THANKS" at the end of the game, otherwise the game connects to Internet! 
TRABI INVADERS - Fight against the Imperialist aliens! Avoid the asteriods and attention also to the...earthquakes. Soundtrack: "Moby Dick" - Led Zeppelin
TRABI INVADERS CLASSIC - Another modified version of "Space Invaders", but with sounds and more similar to the legendary version of the years '70s! -  Soundtrack: none
TRABI INVADERS DE LUXE - Another modified "Space Invaders", but with very nice graphics....try it! - Soundtrack: Star Wars - Death March Theme
TRABANT FLIGHT SIMULATOR - A very particular flight will see the planets through the windshield of your Trabi! You must also destroy the and destroy them! - Soundtrack: techno music 
TRABANT FLIGHT SIMULATOR II - Another flight simulator: you must guide  your Trabant through the VML tubes, with every tube you fly through your score will increase. Soundtrack: techno music
TRABANT FOOTBALL CUP - Amazing Javascript football game, with three levels and a very good dynamic! - Soundtrack: "We Will Rock You" - Queen
TRABANT HUNT - A typical shooting game. Hit as many Trabants as possible before the timer expires! - Soundtrack: none
FROM DDR WITH LOVE - You are in mission in East Berlin, and spies of the STASI are camouflaged between several Trabants in a garage. Kill all the spies in the predefined time. Soundtrack:  
TRABISNAKE - The classic game of the snake. Guide the snake in 4 levels with the cursor keys. Soundtrack: "Roxanne" - The Police
Click here to start the game! TRABITETRIS - It's not a joke: the original Tetris was created in the 1985 in Soviet Union by Alexey Pajitnov, on an old Russian computer (called "Electronica-60") at the Moscow Academy of Science's Computer Centre. Now this legendary game is in the right place! -Soundtrack: "So Lonely"-The Police
TRABI BUBBLES - You may shot all the bubbles of the same colors. More instructions are available clicking on the button with the "i" (informations).  Soundtrack: "Bitter Sweet Symphony" - The Verve (reload the page if the music is stopped). 
TRABI CLUSTER BOMBS - Similar to the previous game, but with a slightly different dynamic and better graphics. Be rapid, before the Trabant touches the cluster bombs! - Soundtrack: "Bitter Sweet Symphony" - The Verve
TRABI LABYRINTH - Guide your Trabant through a complicated labyrinth to conqueer the freedom. You can set also shape and dimensions of the maze. Soundtrack: ska music!  
TRABI LABYRINTH II - Another labyrinth game, but harder than the previous: here the road is hidden. Very good game! - Soundtrack: ska music!  
TRABI PUZZLE -  An electronic puzzle with Trabant's images, fully customizable about size, pieces, etc. For your moments of relax... - Soundtrack: cool jazz!   
TRABIFOX - The Soviet army is fighting against the Imperialist forces, but the only remained airplane is a flying Trabant with missiles and gun-machine...Attention: this Trabant doesn't likes the ground! -Soundtrack: "Innuendo" - Queen
TRABIRACE - An impossible race with a Trabant against a black Lamborghini...but sometimes the dreams are not impossible! The menu sometime is a bit "hard", retry more times with the keys. Soundtrack: "Beverly Hills Cop" Theme (reload the page if the music ends). 
BORN TO BE TRABANT - A short "trip" with a Trabant...Click the road-signs at the sides, to have terrible visions! Keys: Q/W left/right, P/L accelerate/decelerate.  Soundtrack: "Born To be Wild" - Steppenwolf
TRABANT PING-PONG TROPHY - If Volvo, Mercedes etc. sponsorizes the most exclusive tennis championships...the Trabant can sponsorize a ping-pong championship! :-) Another modified great classic, with six levels. Soundtrack: cool jazz!  
TRABI VANDAL - Do you hate the luxury cars, especially BMW? This stupid game is for you! Soundtrack: "Everybody Needs Somebody" - The Blues Brothers
TRABIZOMBIE - You are in a junkyard-graveyard, and various wrecked Trabants doesn't want to die...  Soundtrack: "Thriller" -Michael Jackson
TRABANT VS PORSCHE - Because of a mistake, your smoky Trabant has invaded the Porsche's test ring! -  Soundtrack: "Beverly Hills Cop" Theme
TRABI PATROL - Revisited version of the classic "Moon Patrol". To reply to Neil Armstrong, the Soviets sent a special six-wheels Trabant to explore the Moon. Beware of the enemies and...of the holes on the ground! - Soundtrack: "Kashmir" - Led Zeppelin

The original "non-Trabantized" versions of these games are on !