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The "Oltcit" was substantially a Citroen project. To know the history of this French brand, this is a list of links, taken from Click HERE, instead, to return to the Autosoviet's homepage.

2CV see 2CV Page>

Ami see 2CV Page>
AX Enthusiasts>
AX 14 TRS - JP
AX at the CitroŽn Car Club - UK
AX GT World - UK
CitroŽn A-types (and derivates)
CitroŽn AX - NL
CitroŽn AX GT
CitroŽn AX GTI Page - JP
Citrofiel - NL
Davids CitroŽn AX GT Page - UK
Dnnz' CitroŽn AX GT - NL
My Life with AX-GT - JP

Books from>
Andre CitroŽn - The Man and the Motor Cars
CitroŽn 19, 20, 21, 23 Workshop Manual '55-'75
CitroŽn DS
CitroŽn DS & ID 1955-1975
From A to X, 75 Years of CitroŽn in the UK
Original CitroŽn DS - The Restorer's Guide
BX Clubs>
CitroŽn BX Club Europe - FR
BX Enthusiasts>
BX at the CitroŽn Car Club
BX Chat - UK
BX Files - NL
CitroŽn BX Do-it-yourself - HU
CitroŽn BX en GSA Page - NL
CitroŽn BX GTI - NL
CitroŽn BX Homepage - MY
CitroŽn BX Mail List - NL
CitroŽn BX Maintenance
CitroŽn BX TRD Turbo - FI
CitroŽn BX TRD Turbo - FI
Living With a BX - SE
Minoru's CitroŽn Page - BX & CX - FI
My Four BX - DK
Plug in Power for BX - NZ
Ramon's CitroŽn - NL

Amicale CitroŽn - FI
Amicale CitroŽn International - CH
Andre CitroŽn Club - DE
Andre-CitroŽn-Club - DE
Andrť CitroŽn Club de Catalunya - ES
BBD Deuch'Ain
CitroŽn Cafe - NL
CitroŽn Car Club - UK
CitroŽn Car Club - UK
CitroŽn Car Club - US
CitroŽn Car Club of New Zealand - NZ
CitroŽn Car Club of NSW - AU
CitroŽn Car Club of Victoria - AU
CitroŽn Classic Owners Club of Australia - AU
CitroŽn Concours of America
CitroŽn Club - AR
CitroŽn Club - AT
CitroŽn Club - DK
CitroŽn Club - ID
CitroŽn Club - NL
CitroŽn Club - PT
CitroŽn Club - SE
CitroŽn Club - SI
CitroŽn Club Bandung - ID
CitroŽn Club Cůrdoba - AR
CitroŽn Club Rijnmond - NL
CitroŽn - de Virtuele CitroŽn Club
CitroŽnfahrer - AT
CitroŽn Specials Club - UK
Citroned - NL
Club Reminiscence - JP
Gladstone CitroŽn Pages - AU
Gruppo 2CV Tigullio - IT
IDťeSse - IT
International CitroŽn Car Club Rally 1998
Les Amis de CitroŽn d'Autriche - AT
Les CitroŽnistes du Danmark - DK
North West CitroŽn Owners - Seattle
Patan, CitroŽn Oldtimerclub (1919-1939)
Sacramento Valley CitroŽn Club - US
Virtual CitroŽn-Club
Collector Car Dealers>
French Classics - UK
French Revolution - US
Collector Car Parts & Resources>
2CV Tools - UK
AA Garage - Les CitroŽns de Provence - FR
Andrew Brodie Engineering - UK
Andyspares Ltd - UK
Bart Ebben - NL
Bollingmores - UK
Brad Nauss Auto
Carey Motors - AU
Celcar Top Service - BR
Centreville Garage - UK
Centro Assistenza CitroŽn - IT
Cit Bits - UK
CitroŽn Andre - NL
CitroŽn DS Car Parts - NL
CitroŽn Quarterly
CitroŽn Parts - AT
CitroŽn Pieces - NL
Citromobilia CitroŽn Collectibles - NL
CTA Service - NL
Decapo CitroŽn Specialist - JP
Didier Automobiles - NL
Eendekooi - NL
Eend Import - NL
Europe Auto - NL
EuroSpares - NZ
French Classics - UK
French Revolution - US
Garagiste - UK
Gare du Nord - NL
Gestion Universelle de Recyclage - CA
Glentadakis CitroŽn Service - GR
H-Van Spares - UK
Karl Hochratner - AT
L'Cars Auto Restoration
Leo Ruijgrok - NL
LHS - DS-ID Specialiste - FR
LJ Reservdelar - SE
MJ Steptoe Motors - UK
NVR Verzekeringen - NL
Peyral Parts - NL
Retromobile - UK
Sander Aalderink - NL
Theo Albers - NL
Van Geffen - NL
Western Hemispheres - US
Concept Cars>
CitroŽn C5 - NL
CitroŽn 6 Lignage - NL
Le Journal CitroŽn - NL
CitroŽn - AT
CitroŽn - AU
CitroŽn - BE
CitroŽn - BR
CitroŽn - CH
CitroŽn - CL
CitroŽn - CN
CitroŽn - CO
CitroŽn - DE
CitroŽn - DK
CitroŽn - ES
CitroŽn - FI
CitroŽn - FR
CitroŽn - GR
CitroŽn - HU
CitroŽn - IE
CitroŽn - IL
CitroŽn - IT
CitroŽn - JP
CitroŽn - MQ
CitroŽn - NL
CitroŽn - NO
CitroŽn - NZ
CitroŽn - PL
CitroŽn - PT
CitroŽn - RO
CitroŽn - RU
CitroŽn - SE
CitroŽn - SI
CitroŽn - SK
CitroŽn - TR
CitroŽn - TW
CitroŽn - UK
Donfeng CitroŽn - CN
PSA Peugeot CitroŽn Web Server
CX Clubs>
CitroŽn CX Club Nederland - NL
CX at the CitroŽn Car Club - UK
Gťnťration CX - FR
Norwegian CX-enthusiast Club - NO
CX Enthusiasts>
Alex's Homepage - DE
Arthur's CitroŽn CX Gallery - NL
CitroŽn CX - PL
CitroŽn CX Prestige Page - NL
CitroŽn Homepage for BX and CX Enthusiasts - FI
CX 2400 GTI - SE
CX At Its Best - DE
CX at the CitroŽn Car Club
CX Intelligenz auf Ršdern - DE
CX Prestige - La Reine Dťchue - FR
CX Site - SE
CX Technical Site - SE
CXtrťme - NL
Damaged CX
Damir's Page - DE
Dr Theo's CitroŽn CX-site - NL
Een Jaar CX - NL
Equinox - NL
Erwin's CX Parking - BE
JeeWee's CX and GS page - NL
La PŠgina del CX - CL
Marc's CitroŽn Pages - NL
Michael's CX Adventures - UK
Minoru's CitroŽn Page - BX & CX - FI
My Various CitroŽns - SI
Robin's Website - UK
Tips ved kÝb af brugt CitroŽn CX - DK
Tony Stokoe CX PhotothŤque - UK
TT's Homepage - DE

DS - ID Clubs>
DS Club - SI
DS Club - SK
DS-ID Club - NL
DS-ID Club - Regio Zuid - NL
DS-SM Club - BE
ID - DS Klubben - DK
IDťale DS - FR
DS - ID Enthusiasts>
1956 CitroŽn DS 19 - NL
1963 CitroŽn ID 19 - AU
1964 CitroŽn DS 19 Pallas - AT
1965 CitroŽn DS 19 Pallas - NL
1966 CitroŽn ID 19 Pallas - SE
1974 CitroŽn DS 20 - NL
Alex's CitroŽn Page - DE
BAhR CitroŽn Deesse Page - CA
Chapron Guide to DS Models - NL
CitroŽn DS - CH
CitroŽn DS - NL
CitroŽn DS - NL
CitroŽn DS Homepage - NL
CitroŽn DS - ID - XM Homepage - NL
CitroŽn DS Price Guide - UK
CitroŽn DS Screensaver - NL
CitroŽn D - the Beautiful Toad - NL
CitroŽn Home Page - NL
CitroŽn ID - DS Homepage by Edward
CitroŽn ID - DS - 2CV Source
CitroŽnŽt Site - UK
CitroŽn Line
Clemens CitroŽn DS - NL
Cyber DS - FR
DS at the CitroŽn Car Club - UK
DS Cabrio - FR
DS Online - DE
English CitroŽn DS - UK
Equinox - NL
Evan's CitroŽn Page - US
Fred's CitroŽn Section - LU
Homage to the Goddess - UK - UK
IDeeSse - IT
Jansen's CitroŽn DS Car Parts - NL
Jan Willem's CitroŽn DS Page - NL
Klassieke Auto Verhuur CitroŽn - NL
LHS - DS-ID Specialiste - FR
Loes & Louis DS - ID Homepage - NL
Martijn's CitroŽn Page - NL
My DS - NL
Nils' CitroŽn Homepage - DE
Odette - UK
Photos CitroŽn DS - CX - SM
Randy's DS Literature Site - CA
Remco's DS Site - NL
Stephane's Home Page - FR
Toaph's CitroŽn Page - US
Trouwauto DS - NL
TT's CitroŽn Homepage - DE
Yet Another CitroŽn Page - HU
Dyane  see 2CV Page>

Enthusiasts- General>
11th ICCCR - BE
11th ICCCR pictures - BE
Ahrtaler Entenfreunde
Andreas' Homepage
Andre CitroŽn - AT
Arthur's CitroŽn Gallery - NL
Atti Conni Tower, Basement - Garage
Auto Paradise - CitroŽn Page
BBD Deuches
Beginning !!!
Bijzonder CitroŽn - Particular CitroŽn
Black Attack - BE
CampaŮa Antiabandono de CitroŽn - AR
Cats CitroŽn Net - NL
Chevrons Suavages - FR
Ci Commence l'Aventure
Cit City - NL
CitroCulture - PT
CitroŽn - DK
CitroŽn 1968 Model Range
CitroŽn 5HP
CitroŽnakuten - DK
CitroŽn Blue Prints
CitroŽn Books
CitroŽn Boulevard - NL
CitroŽn Brochures - DE
CitroŽn Comic of the Month
CitroŽn Connection - CA
CitroŽn Digital Information - CA
CitroŽnŽt - UK
CitroŽnfahrer - DE
CitroŽn Fťlix Faure - FR
CitroŽn First - AU
CitroŽn Homepage - NL

Enthusiasts continued>
CitroŽnics - NL
CitroŽn Links - DE
CitroŽn Links - NL
CitroŽn Lovers - NL
CitroŽn Model Cars
CitroŽn Net - UK
CitroŽn Net Mirror - UK
CitroŽn on Andy's Car Site
CitroŽn on Auto Raritšten
CitroŽn Pages - US
CitroŽn Parts
CitroŽn Pictures from Provence - SE
CitroŽn Pieces
CitroŽn Ring
CitroŽn Source - DK
CitroŽn Sport - FI
CitroŽn Virus - NL
CitroŽn Visa
CitroŽn World - NL
CitroŽn Zone
Citroexpert - NL
Citrofan - NL
Citrogeno Page - AR
Citrographical Intsitute - DK
Citron Home Page - NL
Cuore Sportivo
CX puzzle - NL
Cyberik's Internet Site
De Drie Musketiers Paarden Pagina
Doshir's CitroŽn Site - JP
D Super 5
Dylan's CitroŽn Photos
EendeŽi Internet Paradijs
Electronic Museum of CitroŽn Model-cars - NL
Evan's CitroŽn Page - US
Frank Munneke's CitroŽn Homepage - NL
Fred Meurs
Freek's CitroŽn Gallery - NL
French Suggestion
Garage des CitroŽns - BE
Gerry's own CitroŽn Page - AU
J.A.'s Homepage
Jens Jakob's Picture Page
Jint's Modern CitroŽn Site - DE
Klassieke Auto Verhuur Citrouw - NL
Kojiro's CitroŽn Site - JP
Kwartetten met Marcel - NL
Land of Love and Bananas
Lars' CitroŽns - SE
Marc Ammerlaan's Persoonlijke Thuis Pagina - NL
Marc Bergundthal - Lithographies de CitroŽn
Marko's CitroŽn Page
Martijn's CitroŽn Page - NL
Match CitroŽn Gallery - JP
Miniature Autos - BE
My CitroŽn - SE
My Various CitroŽns - SK
Nimo's Motor Page
Organisation Number (ORGA) Decoder
Page Deuches
Pasiůn por CitroŽn
Patrick's CitroŽn Photos - FR
Paul Riccardi's CitroŽn Page
Peugeot-CitroŽn Diesel
Rallye- Un circuit en Provence
Ramon's CitroŽn
Raymond's CitroŽn Website - NL
RINI Team Visa
Robin's Home Page
Schermertreffen - NL
The CitroŽn Zone
Thomas' CitroŽn Homepage - DK
Thomas' CitroŽn Pages - SE
Toaph's CitroŽn Page - US
Unofficial CitroŽn Page - FR
Virtual CitroŽn Garage - BE
Virtual Garage des CitroŽns - NL
Wido's wirtuelle WG
Willie's CitroŽn Homepage - NL


GS Clubs>
CitroŽn GS Club Italia - IT
CitroŽn GS & GSA Club - NL
GS Enthusiasts>
CitroŽn BX en GSA pagina van Charlie - NL
CitroŽn GS - FR
CitroŽn GSA Home Page - SE
CitroŽn GSA-sider - NO
GS at the CitroŽn Car Club - UK
GS/GSA Homepage - NL
JeeWee's CX and GS page - NL
Jen's picture page - DK
Marc Ammerlaan's GS pagina - NL
My Various CitroŽns - SI
Wankel Rotary Engines


ID Clubs & Enthusiasts see DS>


LePatron see 2CV Page>
Lomax see 2CV Page>

Mailing Lists>
CitroŽn Mailing List
Mehari  see 2CV Page>
Motorsports Enthusiasts>
CitroŽn Sport - FI
Fred Olivier Racing - BE
Jacaru 2000 Tracbar Dundee Rally - AU
Rallye - un Circuit en Provence - FR
Tracbar Rallyes - AU


Oltcit Enthusiasts>
Oltcit - UK
Oltcit on Autosoviet


Rear Wheel Drive Clubs>
Club Belge des Anciennes CitroŽns - BE
Patan Oldtimerclub (1919-1939) - NL
Rear Wheel Drive - CitroŽn Car Club - UK
Rear Wheel Drive Enthusiasts>
CitroŽn 5HP - CH

Saxo Clubs>
Saxo Sports Club
Saxo Enthusiasts>
Saxo Electric - NL
Voitures Electrique - Saxo - FR
Saxo Cup driver Arjen Jongeling
Saxo Cup driver JoŽl Verstrate
Saxo Zone - UK
SM Clubs>
CitroŽn SM Club - DE
CitroŽn SM Club - FR
CitroŽn SM Club - NL
DS-SM Club - BE
SM Enthusiasts>
Andrew Brodie Engineering - UK
Buying an SM - US
CitroŽ - NL
CitroŽn SM Car of the Future
CitroŽn SM page
CitroŽn SM World - NL
Klassieke Auto Verhuur CitroŽn - NL
SM at Cats CitroŽn Net - NL
SM at the CitroŽn Car Club
SM Online - BE
The Beginning - AU

Traction Avant Clubs>
CitroŽn Veteranen Club - DE
Traction Owners Club - CH
Traction Owners Club - DK
Traction Owners Club - NL
Traction Owners Club - NO
Traction Owners Club - SE
Traction Owners Club - UK
Traction Owners Register - SA
Traction Universelle - FR
Traction Avant Enthusiasts>
1954 Traction Avant 15-Six Limousine - NL
1955 Traction Avant - CH
1955 Traction Avant - NL
Accueil Tractions - FR
Cat's CitroŽn Net - NL
CitroŽn Home Page - NL
CitroŽn Traction Avant - NL
CitroŽn Traction Avant - SE
En avant, la Traction - NL
Klassieke Auto Verhuur CitroŽn - NL
La Traction - FR
Les Tractions - FR
Loes & Louis Traction Homepage - NL
Mes Traction - BE
TA at the CitroŽn Car Club - UK
Traction Avant - DE
Traction Avant - FR
Traction Avant 7C Eco - NL
Traction Avant Buyers Guide - UK
Traction Avant CitroŽn - FR
Traction Avant Enthusiasts in the Uk - UK
Traction Avant Homepage - FR
Traction Avant Nederland Folder - NL
Traction Avant Resource Center - UK
Traction Avants in Northern California - US
Tractions in Switzerland - CH
Truck & Commercial Vehicle Clubs>
Benelux Berlingo Club - NL
HY-Team - DK
HY-Team - NL
Le Camion - NL
Truck & Commercial Vehicle Enthusiasts>
1968 CitroŽn Dyane 6 Commercial - NL
2CV & H-Van France - FR
Axel's HY Homepage - DE
Citroen Berlingo
CitroŽn H Van - UK
CitroŽn HY - NL
CitroŽn Type H - FR
Evan's CitroŽn Page - US
H-Van Spares & Vans - UK
Tyam's H Page - JP
World of Old CitroŽn H-Vans - US
Alesia Mecanique de Lorraine - FR
Almeras Performance Tuning - FR
APL Tuning - FR
Autofive Peugeot - UK
Biesheuvel Autosport - NL
Car Equipment - BE
CC Motorsport - UK
Cobra - DE
Dalhems - SE
Dangel 4x4 Conversions - FR
De Nijs Cartuning - BE
Dimma - UK
Dimma Design - BE
Ecosse Peugeot - UK
Evolution Motorsport - UK
Global Performance - UK
Graham Goode Racing - UK
Grove Rallysport - UK
Gutmann Automobiltechnik - DE
Hi-Speed - DK
Max Peugeot - UK
MB-Tuning - DE
Musketier - DE
Oka Racing - SE
OMP Racing - IT
Pug Performance - UK
Pug Spares - UK
Pug Tuning - UK
Ripspeed - UK
SAV Tuning - DE
Saxosports - UK
Speed-Buster - DE
Stroeve Motorsport - NL
Tuning Enthusiasts>
205 GTI Tuning
Auto-eXtreme - UK
CitroŽn Tuning - DE
eXtreme - UK
Hi-Speed - DK
Maxxed Cars


Visa - Axel - LN - LNA Clubs>
Visa Club - NL
Visa - Axel - LN - LNA Enthusiasts>
CitroŽn Sport - FI
CitroŽn Visa - NL
Citrofiel - NL


Xantia Clubs>
Xantia Club - NL
Xantia Enthusiasts>
CitroŽn Xantia - AT
CitroŽn Xantia Activia Info Page - DE
CitroŽn Xantia Break at KTUD
CitroŽn Xantia World - FI
XM Enthusiasts>
CitroŽn DS-ID and XM hompage
CitroŽn XM - AT
CitroŽn XM - NL
Unofficial CitroŽn XM - CA
Unofficial CitroŽn XM - UK
XM at the CitroŽn Car Club
Xsara Enthusiasts>
CitroŽn Xsara - AT
Xsara Zone

Yahoo Webrings
CitroŽn Ring
ID-DS Ring
Traction Ring

ZX Enthusiasts>
Cenan's CitroŽn ZX Page - TR